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Giulio and Vale’s house  is in the hills of Perugia, in a panoramic location and convenient for them. They have been living here since November, after a long time of searching first and then working on it. New, they bought it without internal divisions, because they wanted to decide and design their space, according to their needs. Before furnishing the small villa, they visited the Salone del Mobile in Milan, a reference point for furnishing and design, which allowed them […]


In a quiet, green hilly area, not very far from the inhabited center, there lies the ‘villetta’, chosen for this issue of Our Home, that since last September has been lived in by a family of four. The home, with an independent entry, obviously, is on two levels: it is energy-efficient thanks to lights and led located in various places (take note of the spotlights and led strips), floor heating, the photovoltaic panels and solar panels. By Marco Polchi On the […]

Blue Design – Our Home

Riccardo and Luciana chose a late ‘70s apartment for their first home as a married couple. With Architect Eleonora Ricci from Città di Castello, they demolished the abundant interior partitions, sanded and treated the original parquet flooring, and renovated the apartment according to contemporary trends in design, and their needs and tastes as a young couple. The living area has become a large and functional open space, where the colour blue acts as a unifier. The kitchen has large counters […]

I’m happy now!

It only takes six weeks and one foreign language for the average expat to figure out that life overseas is not for the faint of heart.   I’m sure my grandparents felt the same way at a very young age, when they left Italy for America. Our comfortable support system of friends and family becomes voices on the phone or words in an email.  Creating a new, local support system takes a lot of time and emotional energy.   There is a certain […]

Our Home – Gianni and Angelina

This young, energetic couple have restructured their antique farm house into a spectacle of modernity! We love the contradiction of the exterior appearance and the interior functionality. Their variety of art: paintings from local painters; famous ones too; photgraphs;  sculpture. Instead of exclusively embracing the local flavor, their interior design could be mistaken for a New York City aparment on Central Park West.  There is a taste of many different cultures instead of a concentration of Italian themes. We hope […]