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Daniele Silvestri is not only one of the best Italian singer-songwriters. He is a tightrope walker, who, playing with words and his music, after more than 20 years in his career, has found himself to be a marvelous balancing act artist in a world of hopeful acrobats. In Umbria, in Foligno, he initially celebrated the publication of his new album «Acrobati», indeed, on the roads of the city, and then he played it far and wide (almost three hours in […]


Going from the parting of David Bowie to the violence in Cologne and then to the attacks in Paris. She puts her experience as a mother (now) and as a daughter (before) into her music and her eyes light up when she talks about the beauty of the place which has welcomed her these days, Foligno. Carmen Consoli has begun her new theatrical tour at the San Domenico Auditorium and it has sold out completely and it is a show […]

Claudio Coccoluto - the Mag 18

Claudio Coccoluto – the abc’s of a DJ

During summer nights anything can happen. It can happen that in the extreme heat in the first days of September, Claudio Coccoluto, one of the DJs who has written history in house music, arrives at the Bar Mè in Trestina, the cafè of the village, the one that once held an old cinema and that today hosts the Sagra della Puntina (Music Festival), three nights of music, DJs and vinyl records. We start with the vinyl records, his passion and […]


In just a few months, he has gone from the local scene to the biggest Italian stages. Edward Menichella a.k.a. Ed, a singer-songwriter native of Sansepolcro, born in 1988, has been the musical revelation of the year, coming up from the “bottom”, thanks to his voice, to the melody, making his way beyond talent shows. di Andrea Tafani His history, starting way back, from years of songs and concerts with his ex-band, the E45, and then alone with his acoustic […]


Exit music for a film – L.M.Banksy – the Mag 13

With the divine Monica Bellucci on this the Mag edition’s cover, my focus has necessarily been on the deep connection between film and music. It’s an almost inseparable combination in many films and has reached its climax and became a true cinematic genre when the fascination with rock stars and the histories of music stars in general, has struck the imagination of writers, directors and producers. Taking advantage of the new release of films depicting the life of beloved musicians […]

Glen Matlock in Sansepolcro

The history of music is full of people who  found themselves in the right place at the right time,  and those who got off the train just before arriving at the station of fame and success. by Michele Corgnoli The history of music is full of people  like Pete Best, thrown  out of The Beatles in exchange for Ringo Starr,  just before they took off for stardom;  and somewhat less famous the story of Ian Stewart, amongst the founders of […]



On 21st September Leonard Cohen had his 80th birthday and in a wonderfully self-ironic move, celebrated the fact two days later with the release of a new album, “Popular Problems.” [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLmVG4oUmSM[/youtube] The Canadian poet, writer and composer is undoubtedly one of music history’s most celebrated, influential and respected songwriters. The legend of this extraordinary man has never ceased to shine in the course of his career, until getting to the great beauty of his old age. The way he looks directly […]

Noa Achinoam Nini – my free singing

Noa, Achinoam Nini, dreams about a world of peace, she was born in Tel Aviv, but grew up in America, she uses music as a way of shortening distances between people and last summer she came to Città di Castello where we met her (she was a guest at the Festival delle Nazioni in a sold out concert). Noa is a free woman who’s keen on talking about herself and her ideas. di Cristina Crisci During the last months  you  said   you  don’t […]

Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra

Festival delle Nazioni 2014 – Music from Armenia

Last year it celebrated Europe, but in 2014 the Festival delle Nazioni crosses the boundaries to arrive in Armenia. It promises symphonic and chamber music, folk and classical, sacred, healing and secular choral music, medieval hymns and new compositions. All this will be featured in the main programme of the 47th Festival delle Nazioni in Città di Castello, which from 27th August until September 6th will explore the musical culture of Armenia, this year’s host nation. by Cristina Crisci It […]

The best of… is yet to come

The best of… is yet to come The New Year is a great time to look at both the best of last year’s music and what’s yet to come. In 2013 there were comebacks from Bowie, Pearl Jam and Arcade Fire, the best of which was Nick Cave and his band Bad Seeds.  Their album ‘Push the sky away’ was one to magically seduce, frustrate and caress us. The quality of the studio work retained the sense of going to […]

Frankie goes to San Remo

Frankie goes to San Remo by Cristina Crisci   We’ve seen him presenting ‘Street Art’ on Sky Arte, and from 18 to 22 February he’ll be at the Sanremo music festival, finishing the end of the month with the release of his much anticipated album, which he reckons is more melodic and rather good. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrpJB7ucC5Y[/youtube] Fabio Fazio’s surprise announcement of Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc’s entry at Sanremo, was accompanied by his description of the rapper as a master of hip hop […]


  One of the universes where the passage of time creates an imbalance in the cosmic void is definitely the musical one. Right now in this respect this has hit hard. No, I am not just referring to the passing of one of the greatest, tormented rock star, poets, Lou Reed, for whom there is not an encyclopaedia big enough to pay worthy homage to. The memory of the greatest artists is perhaps the best way to deliver him into […]


The Mag, an always open stage

By Cristina Crisci Talents come and talents go. Then there are those that come again. To even things out within the circle of people who embrace The Mag’s stage, this time we’ve chosen a man for the front page! An actor, a dubber, decidedly handsome with a long professional history making him recognised by many… and one which happens to intertwine with Umbria. It is Giorgio Borghetti in his all-around interview with our new ‘name’; Lorenza Mangioni. The Mag’s effect has […]

Claudia Cardinale

The Mag in the week-end / November 1-3

The Mag in the week-end / November 1-3 A song for #WE – Fiera Utopie Concrete, Città di Castello. – Andy Warhol in mostra a Città di Castello – Capolavori in Valtiberina – Fiere dei Morti, Perugia. – Mostra del Tartufo, Città di Castello. – Festa del Bosco, Montone. Friday – Dedicato a “ENNIO MORRICONE” Le più belle musiche da film. – “A CENA CON L’ OSPITE” – LOVE ART NIGHT! – EUROPEAN BLUES CHALLENGE – FINALE ITALIANA Saturday – Claudia Cardinale al Teatro di Anghiari – Tributo […]


Me, a future patriot – Pierpaolo Capovilla

From music to theatre, rock to Pasolini’s poetry, via Majakovskij verses, Pierpaolo Capovilla is an all-round artist; eclectic and bold – a ‘hybrid’ that moves easily between musical notes and words. He is the lead vocalist and songwriter for Teatro degli Orrori, one of the most important alternative rock groups in Italy, who is currently touring the country with his reading of three acts ‘La Religione del mio tempo’ written by Pier Paolo Pasolini. The Mag caught up with him […]



On the 9/9 at 9 o’clock, Arcade Fire’s new single was released together with a video directed by Anton Corbijn.  It was preceded by an intriguing viral campaign full of clever mysterious touches, clues, ambiguity, and teasers with cryptic alpha-numeric combinations, lasting just a few seconds. Street art and graffiti, a diamond with the word ‘reflektor’ embedded within a circle, suddenly started appearing all over the place, and reflected  on the internet and on social networks. These will multiply until […]


Original artists and Songwriters needed

Original artists and Songwriters needed by Patrick Q Piano bar, cover and tribute bands are all very well but what about originality? Doing carbon copies of other people’s songs provides valid light entertainment in the right context but what about self expression? The creation of music relevant and personalised to the community in which it was inspired is a natural and important part to any thriving society. Thankfully, from my experience of local artists the spirit of invention is still […]


Festival delle Nazioni – When Europe becomes Music

The 46th Edition of the ‘Festival Delle Nazioni’ will be featuring Europe as host nation in this year of the economic crisis. Europe is facing an historically difficult time, and so contemporary European musicians are being called upon to feature the work of past ones from various countries. by Cristina Crisci «Our intention is to honor an idea of Europe as a united political entity at a time in which this seems less and less the case. It is an […]

Elvira Bekova

Elvira Bekova By Breon O’Farrell Elvira Bekova was born in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, the place Russians joke about when they want to say “The Middle of Nowhere”. It is a barren and desolate place without trees, where coal was extracted by miners during the Imperial era and with mostly slave labor during the unsuccessful, Soviet regime. Elvira was born in this unwelcoming place where political dissidents were sent to be punished with “internal exile”. There were few realistic opportunities for artists […]


Cecilia Berioli a warrior armed with a cello

Seven years ago my son started taking cello lessons. That is when I met Cecilia Berioli. At first she was “the music teacher” but I quickly got to know her as a woman, a mother, a gentle human being, a friend and a warrior. Named after the Patron Saint of musicians, this native Umbrian is on a lifelong mission. Her message is: “Music must be more a part of our daily lives!” I see her as a mythological hero wielding […]