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13 Apr 2016


Imagine entering a virtually abandoned building, visualizing how it could be, discovering beautiful frescoes probably dating from the Renaissance, and then restoring it to create a comfortable, elegant and genuine home. In this issue of Our Home, a young creative couple did exactly that. It was no easy task it must be said, but they decided to restore an apartment in the historical centre, in which they saw its huge potential. Often, with intuition and good taste, you can get […]

17 Dec 2014

Games of Light – Our Home

Three years ago, a family of four (husband, wife and two daughters), decided to swop their small apartment for a much more spacious one. This allowed them to give free rein to their desire for space and comfort. Convenience and ease of management were the basis for their choice of home. The living area is very spacious and bright, thanks to a large window overlooking a lovely park and the sophisticated play of light on the ceiling. The protagonists here […]

17 Oct 2014

Blue Design – Our Home

Riccardo and Luciana chose a late ‘70s apartment for their first home as a married couple. With Architect Eleonora Ricci from Città di Castello, they demolished the abundant interior partitions, sanded and treated the original parquet flooring, and renovated the apartment according to contemporary trends in design, and their needs and tastes as a young couple. The living area has become a large and functional open space, where the colour blue acts as a unifier. The kitchen has large counters […]

01 Sep 2014

From Mexico to Tuscany – Our Home the Mag N11

text by Lucia Fiorucci Even from the entrance cloister of this portion of the Convent of Mary Magdalene, the atmosphere is enticing, and is made even more fascinating by the layers of history, culture and architectural details that Ricardo Mendez has used in creating his apartment, whilst leaving the original structure visible. The winning idea of the Mexican photographer was to create both intimate and permeable spaces, such as with the passage way. Too large to be just a thoroughfare, […]