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28 Oct 2014

Game of Thrones – read or watch?

“Winter is coming”…. a ‘Westeros’ catchphrase that has entered popular culture with a bang. In this world, like ours, we never know when or how the seasons will start or end. The winter of Westeros is a bit like the winter of Richard III- a metaphor for the transition from one era to another – and has been created in the 10,000+ pages of the ‘Fire and Ice’ saga by George RR Martin, as well as in a hugely successful […]

27 Aug 2014
Cristina Crisci - the Mag

Summer Breeze – the mag n.11

In our August/September issue we take a look at all the upcoming concerts and events, what’s going on in the art world and have a tasty foray into the realm of chefs. It’s an uncertain season from many points of view – many events have given way under the impact of the economic crisis… but others survive. Through our stories though, we find some small, positive signs to share with you. Our cover story features the fresh beauty of Isabelle […]