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Andrea Luccioli mentre sorride


I see my first editorial a little like this. A semi dark room. Many chairs around my chair. Every place is taken. The light is on me. And I say, “Hi, I’m Andrea”. And you all “Hi Andrea”. This to say that from today on I will feel a little more observed than usual, that I will tell of myself and I will tell stories, of people and much more. In other words, we will read each other often. Because […]


MEZZE MANICHE WITH RIVER SHRIMP, CHERRY TOMATOES AND BASIL OVER PUMPKIN PUREE By Michele Marinelli and Natascia Trenti from Le Logge Restaurant Ingredients for 4 People: 400 g of Mezze maniche For the sauce in the pan: 200 g Deveined River Shrimp 20 Cherry Tomatoes 20 Basil leaves 1 cleaned garlic clove, cut in half 1 teaspoon of EVOO Pumpkin Puree: 300 g cleaned pumpkin pulp 1 small potato 1 scallion, EVOO Procedure: For the pumpkin puree begin by cleaning […]



Save this date: 22th October 2015. This day is one of the important ones, to remember, for those of us who are passionate about TV series and technology. Whether you read this article before or after, on the 22th of October, Netflix is coming to Italy, the most widespread online TV in the world, with 60 million subscribers in 52 countries, which allows you to see millions of television shows, original TV series, documentaries and films from your own PC, […]



Surely summer is the time that smiles most on music lovers. The number and the quality of the events, the open-air concert spaces, the longer days and the possibility of organizing your time better are opportunities so rich for a good rock n’roller not to take advantage. But in these multi-coloured hot summer days not everyone knows that there is an Italian pearl that is envied by Europe and maybe even in other continents, a real and true oasis of […]

Fragasso & Drudi: A LIFE IN CINEMA

Director Claudio Fragasso and screenwriter, Rossella Drudi, are married in both life and their work. They are the authors of some of the most important Italian films of a certain genre: “La casa 5”, “After Death”, “Zombie 3”, “Virus”, “Rats” and “Milano Palermo Solo Andata”. And above all there’s “TROLL 2” – the 1990 film that had such an unexpected reception that it’s resulted in a series of nighttime screenings of the film and a festival organized every year in […]



This year Alberto Burri will provide the testimonial for Umbria Jazz, which has chosen some of the artist’s works for its posters of events. So many colors and shapes seal this encounter between Umbria Jazz and the Fondazione Albizzini Collezione Burri, who both declined another way of celebrating Burri’s centenary but made not one, but three posters. According to the press conference, the maestro had had direct contact with Umbria Jazz for this type of collaboration, but it wasn’t completed. […]


Burri’s Inn – The Mag 15

I was a little girl when I saw Burri for the first time. I can still clearly recall when he arrived at the Castello di Sorci in his four-by-four.   He was wearing a jacket with lots of pockets and was smiling and kind. The Castle’s massive kitchens still preserve the memory of the many dinners with my father and other friends. On the walls there are photos of Burri taken by my father at lots of different events. There’s […]


A brooch for a wedding present – THE MAG 15

Vanna Volpi Picchi talks to us about the little known side of Burri; his love of hunting, his talent for sports and all the things he was passionate about. The brooch that Burri designed for the daughter of one of his best friends has, in the meantime, been around the world being shown in international exhibitions. Burri’s art and imagination had no boundaries. “For us he was part of the family. I’d known Burri ever since I was a child, […]

Marco Risi

Marco Risi “I want to be like Billy Wilder”

Accomplished director Marco Risi directs Valentina Lodovini and Lucia Rossi, two actresses from the Altotiberina, in the film “Tre Tocchi” – released last November. They come together to tell the story of a group of, more or less young actors and their daily struggles for a breakthrough, who pass the time playing football. The film was presented at the Rome Film Festival. The film was well received wasn’t it? Marco Risi: «Yes it was, even though it’s an independent film […]


In Citta di Castello’s historic town centre, a sixteenth century building has regained its former glory thanks to the research and commitment of Cecilia. Over the years the residence had become a maze of divisions that concealed its true nature. Not being afraid to experiment, she has managed, with the help of an architect, to infuse the ancient soul of Palazzo Tiberti with a contemporary spirit. The result is an elegant, 3 story home; on the first is the living area, […]


Exit music for a film – L.M.Banksy – the Mag 13

With the divine Monica Bellucci on this the Mag edition’s cover, my focus has necessarily been on the deep connection between film and music. It’s an almost inseparable combination in many films and has reached its climax and became a true cinematic genre when the fascination with rock stars and the histories of music stars in general, has struck the imagination of writers, directors and producers. Taking advantage of the new release of films depicting the life of beloved musicians […]


The Recipe by Chef Daniele Sebastiani – the Mag 13

TEMPURA OF CHARD WITH ROASTED TOMATOES, BUFFALO MOZZARELLA AND BASIL SAUCE The recipe by Chef Daniele Sebastiani in the Mag 13   INGREDIENTS: (Serves 4) 8 large chard leaves 4 mozzarella Di Bufala 4 ripe San Marzano tomatoes 160g extra virgin olive oil 50g basil 20g pine nuts 100g rice flour 100g corn flour (starch) 15g baking powder 1 small clove of garlic, finely chopped 15g brown sugar 2 sprigs marjoram 200g cold water Salt and pepper to taste   […]