Save this date: 22th October 2015. This day is one of the important ones, to remember, for those of us who are passionate about TV series and technology. Whether you read this article before or after, on the 22th of October, Netflix is coming to Italy, the most widespread online TV in the world, with 60 million subscribers in 52 countries, which allows you to see millions of television shows, original TV series, documentaries and films from your own PC, […]

Fiction & Series Tv: Golden Women!

The Golden Globe awards ceremony was held on 11th January at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. In the TV series category, ‘Transparent’, (produced and distributed by Amazon), won Best Musical or Comedy Series, whilst Best Drama Series went to ‘The Affair’. Kevin Spacey won the Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his role in ‘House of Cards’ , and ‘Fargo’ was chosen as the Best mini-series or TV film. Two who warrant a special mention include Ruth Wilson and […]


Finally back on our screens – ‘True Detective’ (and many more)

From True Detective to Believe, a schedule of the most interesting TV series that will come on our channels but also in the USA, in these two months. Autumn won’t be all fog and rain this year. On the contrary, for television series fans, October and November will mean a whole lot of goodies. There’ll be more shows  than ever, full of stories, talent and viewer catalysts.  Witness the growing number of well-known film directors who choose the serial format,  seeing […]