Talents and magic

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There are certain phrases that remain stranded somewhere. No matter how long and how often recur, you know they are there.

As for me, amongst those parked in the limbo of memory, there is one in particular that sometimes returns. A rather grumpy university teacher of mine, oft repeated in his really good literature lessons, reminded us students, «Try not to lose sight of your talents, look after them but don’t expect them to appear by magic; it’s possible there’s no such thing»; with a hint of a wry smile. He was right in repeating this simple concept, over and over again, because cultivating our talent is something that needs to be done for real in life, (like believing that magic can happen – now and then). I often say so to my children.

And in this is- sue we talk about talent, children, of cultural resistance and of love with the writer Michela Murgia, music with Nada and Cristiano Godano, Japanese emperors, and water and chills with the Tifernati Swimmers.

Plus there’s a debut. For the first time our cover features a father and a son and trust me, we like this a lot. The morning after Modena Volley won the cham- pionship final, we started thinking it would be nice to have a double interview with director Andrea Sartoretti, (hero of national volleyball), and one of the team’s pla- yers, his son Luca. Both showed a lot of fair play in answering questions and having their photos taken, (in Modena by Emanuele and Marco). An unexpected surprise on the other hand, was the visit of Prince and princess Hakishino from Japan, on a rainy day in May, to Città di Castello. Had they come to see the Burri mu- seum? No.

They wanted to visit the Garavelle Museum of Popular Traditions because the prince cultivates a royal passion for farming culture, shells, and anything rural. Who would have thought it? And who would have thought that Claudio Ranieri, (of whom Adriano Banelli talks and recalls his good memories of youth), would win the English league championship with Leicester? So it’s true then; magic happens? I wish you a good summer, and that talent is with you. Always.

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