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Brunello Cucinelli tells of his past «of when, we didn’t have a lira, but we were happy», and to the youth who are in search of work, he says: «Your CV? Better to bring it in person, ring the doorbell of the company and present yourself».

By Cristina Crisci – photo of Brunello Cucinelli by Sante Castignani (on the top) & Atvreport (in the article)

Brunello Cucinelli, with his lesson suspended between ethics, entrepreneur, philosophy of life and stock activity, has filled the gothic room of the Duomo Museum of Città di Castello, upon invitation from the association Sulle Orme di Francesco. Hundreds of youth, entrepreneurs and the people who participated in the meeting (introduced by Franco Ciliberti and by the Bishop Domenico Cancian). The light of faith returns often in the words of Cucinelli, known in the world as the king of cashmere, a man whose entrepreneurial, humanistic and ethical ways are making the world speak very much about him.

And you understand it immediately: « The crisis of civilization is because the great values are diminished, the Pope invites us to a revival: we need to be caretakers of the Creation. My grandfather would tell me: that God sends you the right wind, the right fog. is is because we need to believe in a balance of justice between profit and gift. Human beings are much more creative when they are right with the Creation. Live according to your nature, respect the others».

Brunello Cucinelli parla al pubblico della Sala Gotica del Duomo

He spoke a long time, citing Saint Augustine, Socrates, Kant, love of knowledge, Made in Italy, the quality of products and Umbria: We live in the most beautiful place in the world. In an age where everything goes very fast, in his company the colleagues cannot send work emails a er closing hours (17:30): «Rest is necessary to conserve the creative soul. Yes, because the relationship between the people is the most important thing to cultivate. We need to live and produce a moral and civil awakening, to breathe and return to simplicity. And above all, time for ourselves: we must care for our souls. The soul has to eat every day».

In the words of Cucinelli echoes of his farm childhood, simplicity and the depth of his relationship with his father, from whom he cites life phrases. As when he decided to set up his company. It was in 1978 and graduated as surveyor, he le his studies at the Faculty of Engineering to begin to produce sweaters in colored cashmere.

Ritratto di Brunello Cucinelli

«One day I said to my father I am going to make cashmere. He responded ‘Do as you want, may God help you’». Inspired by that new idea and against every pessimistic thought, developed the «great dream of a respectable job with moral and economic dignity of man. The dream of a capitalism that gives value to man».

His recipe unites a profound knowledge of the greats of the past, but his sight is towards the future, so far that every action is thought to last centuries. «Innovation, together with human sustainability, is a value that bring us to geniality. A company is a success if everyone works well. All the workers of the company (1,500 in this case, editor’s note) add their level of geniality in different ways», he says to the large audience that listens while he shares of how he decided, in 2012, to estimate the company to the stock exchange in Milan.

But even when he tells of his deep connection with the Monastery of Saint Benedict of Norcia, where he often goes to heal his soul or back in time in 1985 when he bought the dilapidated Solomeo castle to make it the site of his company. And then he downplays it and admits that, in reality, more than an entrepreneur, he would have wanted to be a monk, part time.

Il pubblico intervenuto all'incontro con Brunello Cucinelli

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