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[quote]«I don’t want to know where you are going, I want to know that you will come back»[/quote]

When it came out in October – after 5 years of silence during which she became a mother – the first album by Carmen Consoli «L’abitudine di tornare» (The habit of coming back) I thought: «How great is this title»! I don’t know about you, but many times I have felt in when confronted with the habit of coming back, even more if it is a great return to a place or towards a person. The 16th of January Carmen Consoli played her “data zero” concert (a practice concert)for her tour in Umbria, at the San Domenico Auditorium in Foligno. We interviewed her and this is our cover story. The refined singer opens the dance in the pages of this number where you meet musicians, poets, female entrepreneurs, actors, actresses and many books. «I don’t want to know where you are going, I want to know that you will come back», writes the poet Guido Catalano because he also tells about poetry in another interview made on the occasion of his recital in Perugia. Ambra Angiolini returns to the theatre with a show (about infidelity, taken from a work of the Nobel prizewinner Harold Pinter), she reveals «I don’t watch any TV now». Claudio Santamaria, a special face to cinema, goes on the theatrical stage, in the shoes of the anti-hero, while every day he divides his time between the company and the family; the entrepreneur of San Giustino, Elena Veschi, with whom we spoke to about economy as well. Books, various books and their authors in a vast section of reading cross; from Paris we get an artistic contribution, and Enrico Milanesi take us with his look at the Terme of Fontecchio, so enjoyed by Plinio the younger, and now in the midst of a hard winter. We hope you return soon spring!

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Speaking of missed returns: I take advantage of the occasion to show support to all of the colleagues of the Giornale dell’Umbria (among these Andrea Luccioli, author of the interview with Carmen Consoli) umbrian newspaper which beginning on the 18th of January has closed down.

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