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By Cristina Crisci

Talents come and talents go. Then there are those that come again. To even things out within the circle of people who embrace The Mag’s stage, this time we’ve chosen a man for the front page!

An actor, a dubber, decidedly handsome with a long professional history making him recognised by many… and one which happens to intertwine with Umbria.

It is Giorgio Borghetti in his all-around interview with our new ‘name’; Lorenza Mangioni. The Mag’s effect has even gone international. London is included, with a return ticket for our team to the UK capital, who completed an incredible ‘mission’; from this month, thanks to the help of Vasco from Vasco and Piero’s Pavillon restaurant, our magazine will be present in London, exporting Italian and Umbrian style.

London was also Eva Redapple’s destination; she has been picked to be the representative for a well-known shoe company, and while she was in the capital she presented her two new singles at an extremely cool event! In keeping with our mission we asked the journalist Massimo Zangarelli to join us on stage, giving us an interesting interview with Claudio Cardinale who is back in Anghiari to celebrate ‘La ragazza di Bube’.

A must read is the invasion of the world of cabaret with an outspoken Paolo Rossi and also, a well-deserved tribute to the Tifernate and X Factor talent Michele Bravi. Then we have fashion, life style, headlines, music, events and next year’s trends. In fact with this issue we will be saying goodbye to 2013, the year The Mag began, and we’re ready to blow out our first candle.

On this occasion we would like to share a MAGic thought with all of you who have contributed to the success of our free press, hoping that the best is yet to come!  


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