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The Mag, why not?

by Cristina Crisci

Why not? I answered myself after a few weeks of self-analysis.

I was committing to be the director of The Mag, this Free Press issue, which means handling articles, interviewing and telling stories about people for a mixed audience of readers from different cultures but who have this wonderful place where we have chosen to live in common.

I followed my instinct and my passion for a career that has been my profession since 1997, when I started writing for the newspaper “La Nazione”, the same paper where I have the privilege to still work. When I started I didn’t have my degree yet, but lots of ideas, especially about my future yet to come… Now I am here presenting this issue of The Mag which is particularly focused on films.

You’ll hear about the entertainment world from Giordano Petri’s interview; you’ll visit it with Irene Splendorini’s curious eyes in Cannes; the director of the Montone Film Festival recounts the past and the uncertain future of this jem of a festival. Almost as an homage to thriller or splatter movies, there are a few interesting points of view about weapons.

So, while the crisis is global and the Spring refuses to arrive, our earth sends its echoes from the past… the Tree Archaeology reminds us about the sweetness of fruits but most of all the possibility of nurturing ideas. Smart ideas… Have a good read!

(Special thanks to my friend Emanuela Veschi for the above picture, to the Moka team for welcoming me so warmly, and to Breon and Marta, new, lovely people I got to meet).

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