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On the 9/9 at 9 o’clock, Arcade Fire’s new single was released together with a video directed by Anton Corbijn. 

It was preceded by an intriguing viral campaign full of clever mysterious touches, clues, ambiguity, and teasers with cryptic alpha-numeric combinations, lasting just a few seconds.

Street art and graffiti, a diamond with the word ‘reflektor’ embedded within a circle, suddenly started appearing all over the place, and reflected  on the internet and on social networks. These will multiply until 29th October, the day on which these previews will culminate in the long awaited fourth album –  ‘Reflecktor’.

Capovilla refers to them “as an example of great music with excellent lyrics”. David Bowie doesn’t miss his chance to sing with them, (including on the last single), Mick Jagger adores  them and David Byrne loves them to the point that he paid a live tribute to them at his recent concert in Florence. They are Arcade Fire. One of the bands of our time.

One of the few bands able to improve on the standards set on their first album and to overcome the ‘third album syndrome’.  A happy family in life and music, experimentalists and exceptional poly-instrumentalists, the best alternative indie art-rock band in existence. Their live concerts, which I‘ve been lucky enough to see twice, are uniquely emotional, a victory march that satisfies any music enthusiast.

And they won’t cease to amaze us: they have shown with their last piece that they want to try things never done before, their single is unexpectedly  dance-oriented, with subtle guitar, beats with fast Haitian-style conga rhythms,  and typical New Wave electronic drums.

But while we’re waiting… listening to or revisiting  their previous albums would be a good idea. 

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