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by Editor in chief Cristina Crisci

From being self-taught to having his compositions performed on the world’s premiere stages? That would be Salvatore Sciarrino. Compose the soundtrack for an Oscar winning film? That is what Michael Nyman did. Hang out with iconic rock stars and become the guru of Pop Art? Yes, that is Andy Warhol. Invade the Summer nights of the historic center of Città di Castello with DJs? That is the mission of Tifernauti.

In short, music, (which up to now I have not even mentioned) can accomplish so much. And by following the rhythm of many notes, we planned and completed this edition of the Mag whose cover story recounts the personal history of Sciarrino, who for years has lived in our area. This is where he composes, and where we did the photo shoot using actual hand written sheet music, the original scores of his latest work that the maestro was kind enough to include in the picture.

In late August, the caravan of the Festival delle Nazioni circles around Europe, and one of the featured guests is world renowned minimalist composer, Michael Nyman, perhaps best known to the general public for the unforgettable soundtrack of the Oscar winning film “The Piano” directed by Jane Campion. He will be presenting a most recent work inspired by the cinema.

The Mag also had several close encounters with: the spacecraft of the Tifernauti, peaceful, imaginative invaders of musical genres; an exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol which lands in the Pinocateca with 70 works of Pop Art; and finally to the film festival in Taormina Sicily, where Irene Speldnorini danced the waltz from the classic film The Leopard.

Now that’s what I call music!

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