The Recipe of Chef Enzo Neri

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The Recipe of Chef Enzo Neri

Sea scallops carpaccio, mushrooms tartar, hazelnut oil and black summer truffle

Ingredients: 80 g scallops, 40 g mushrooms, 25 g spring onion, 10 g black truffle, 20 g hazelnut, 10 ml truffle oil, 5 ml hazelnut oil chives, bit of lemon squeezed, crystal salt, ground pepper

Procedure:  Clean and wash the scallops. Put them in a cutting board and slice lengthwise thinly. Arrange the slices on a serving dish, marinate it with truffle oil, lemon and chopped chives. Leave it in the fridge for few hours.

Clean the mushrooms and cut into small cubes like a tartare. Do the same thing with the hazelnuts and the spring onion. Mix everything together, season it with a pinch of salt, pepper and hazelnut oil.

Place the scallops on a plate, add crystal salt and pepper. In the same way, to the side, place the mushroom tartar and a bit of seasoned mix leaves.

To finish up, with the use of a mandolina, slice the black truffle over the scallops and the salad. Dish is ready to serve.

Bon Appetit!

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