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The Man in Black is back. February 26th saw the anniversary of the birth of Johnny Cash in 1932 in a cramped house in Kingsland, Arkansas.

On February 24th we celebrated the anniversary of what may be considered one of the best live performances in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

It was the year 1969 in the maximum security prison of San Quentin, where a man dressed in black with his guitar inflamed an audience of inmates and guards, telling them: “They told me to do this song, that song , to do this, that and the other , to stand and behave in a certain way… they don’t get it .

I’m here to do what you want and to do what I want. What do you want to hear? “ Roars, screams, and requests resulted in an incendiary version of “ I Walk the Line”. The lost album “Out Among the Stars,” will be available from 25th March.

A collection of 12 tracks recorded in the ‘80s and never published because in 1986 Columbia rescinded his contract and the new album never saw the light of day, these recordings were accidentally discovered by his son and among the songs is a duet with June Carter (his beloved partner), a song by Waylon Jennings and also a special remix of the song “ She used to love me a lot “, done by Elvis Costello. How can you not write about Johnny Cash? He led a reckless life and became a legend well before his death in September 2003.

He was an out-law, but he never lost the respect, hope and gratitude for what he always considered ‘a pretty damn blessed life’. Not manically religious and certainly no saint, Cash was a man with a guitar who fell and picked himself up a thousand times. He descended into Hell, but, thanks to God and his voice, music, love, spontaneity and humility, he managed, day by day, to get back on his feet.

He had the gift of making anyone feel like the most important person in the world, and was a true American hero of our times, someone to aspire to for many musicians, (such as Nick Cave, Bono and Trent Reznor), fans and ordinary people. Nick Cave said of him “he was so beautiful and yet so broken at the same time,” but certainly for me and many others he was, is and always will be, the inimitable Johnny Cash.… the man in black.

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