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«Following renovation of the premises, “Studio Arch’ “ offered me an opportunity to participate in an exhibition that will open up a dialogue between space, art and design, so creating a partnership between the written word, colour, and form».

The young artist Giulio Giustini will open the exhibition space that the Studio Arch‘ intends to make available in time to the various artists in the area. A planning workshop also designed as an open space available for talent.


Giulio Giustini
Giulio Giustini

How did you choose which works to exhibit at the studio?

«Once I saw the new structure of the studio, I felt the need to select some of my better works, which at best relates to that kind of environment».

Which ones?

«I decided to bring six works which are made up of three visual perceptions generated by nerve signals that the photoreceptors of the retina send to the brain».

Where do you get the inspiration for your work?

«I’ve always felt the need to express something of the internal; elements that keep me away from the artistic tradition of the places where I grew up, creating alienation».

How long have you had this passion for art?


What are the messages inherent in your work?

«The decay of matter and the impossibility of stopping time has led me to break these limits through the immortality of art. Behind this concept I also developed the idea of ​​cancelling out all the types of classification inherent in the art world which tends to separate painting, sculpture, and functional objects, so allowing them to enter into each other’s worlds. The use of symbolism repeats itself creating multiple messages, my aim being to stimulate the observer on the issues of war, the power of religion and of money».

Have you got any other exhibitions on the horizon?

«After a challenging year like this I think I’ll take a summer break».

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