The White House

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Besides the stone stairway, one can also reach the second floor of Palazzo Tartarini in the glass and white aluminium lift, with its parquet floor and mirror on the back wall. The elevator comes out directly in the kitchen thus becoming an indispensable part of the furniture.

by Lucia Fiorucci

The apartment is part of a palazzo which dates back to 1200, and was bought a few years ago by Elena’s parents. The building was in a major state of disrepair: the floors had deteriorated and the roof and part of the facade were breaking away. Now, after major structural and architectural work including the restoration of the original windows and the arch on the top floor, Palazzo Tartarini has regained its identity. The apartment where Elena lives with her husband and son is warm and welcoming, not only thanks to the excellent insulation of the walls and the underfloor heating, but also due to Elena’s elegant style and her sister-in-law Lucia’s pragmatism; Lucia being the architect who supervised the restoration work.

In the living room the numerous windows ensure light throughout the day, whilst the bedrooms are softly illuminated by skylights. The home is white throughout. The walls and skirting are white; the wood ceilings in the lounge and attic are white, as are the steel beams into which lighting has been incorporated. The kitchen is white, and the made-to-measure furniture and the original antique doors… are white. However it’s not a lifeless colour, but one full of beauty and character, juxtaposed with vibrant materials like the honey-coloured wood of the parquet, the marble staircase going up to the attic and the natural wood beams of the bedroom ceilings.

Despite the history of the building, the decor is deliberately contemporary. The white lacquered furniture alternates with the mirrored surfaces of some doors and the glass table and glass parapet of the living room’s staircase The walls of the master bedroom’s ensuite are also glass, making it brighter and more spacious.

A note to the curious

A simple, but elegant and beautiful built-in fireplace has been constructed in the sitting room. It’s trapezoid in shape, and made of plasterboard clad with weathering steels. A slab of delicate onyx lines the structure and appears to be just resting there. Behind the stone is a lighting system, which when the room is dark, projects the onyx’s amber-coloured grain onto the opposite wall.

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