The “Window Display City” is at it again!

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An Incredible thing happened to me after my kids asked if the “economic crisis” had taken our money away. I decided to get involved with our local community. I wanted to remedy the worry that had been planted in their young minds by doing something positive. I organized sixty six shop keepers to have a window display contest, and invited all of you readers to go shopping.

But the incredible thing that happened to me was how I came out of my isolated situation, tucked away in my fancy house in the hills, and got connected to the people of Città di Castello. I live here and am  part of the community whether I behave as such or not.  I manifested a cute little idea and stimulated the local economy. I wanted to show my kids that one person can contribute something, and make a difference, and this resulted in my whole life changing for the better.

I made friends with so many talented smart and nice shopkeepers.  They created inspiring window displays and did an incredible job. I involved local artists who contributed their time and imagination for free.  Six hundred people judged the windows during the three hour event,  and each  handed in a completed voting form! The streets were teeming with people well into the night.  It went so well I am compelled to do it again.

La Nuova passeggiata 2 will be a three day long event taking place on  October 11th 12th   and 13th.  The Giuntini Pet Food Company will be giving free gifts to everyone that turn. There will be interesting and fun side events happening each day too.

Thursday October 11th  there is “Pet Papparazzi” when you can have a photo op with your pet and have a free picture emailed to your computer. On Friday afternoon the 12th, there will be a Runway Show  on via Saint Antonio. All the shops on the street are participating and it is sure to be a lot of fun. On Saturday the 13th at the Cylindrical Bell Tower, which by the way is the rarest bell tower in all of Italy as there are only two of this sort in the entire country, you will find “Tower Art”.  Visitors are invited to climb the tower to look down at the oversized work of art being created on the ground by Local Artist Davide Barbanera. His interpretation of a famous work which features the American flag, will be made of pet food.

My deciding to get involved in the community here required a trauma. My small children voicing their financial fears was enough to motivate me. I invite you to take some action which improves your own lives, and the lives of those around us.  It happened to me because I wanted it to! I invite you to get involved in your own local community, it will add a whole new depth to what it means to live here in central Italy.

by Breon O’Farrell

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