Cristina Crisci editorial – And they call it summer

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Summer is when I just can’t stop marveling over a field of golden grains, at the expanse of sunflowers, at nature’s green overload, at the air that has turned warm, at the smell of the asphalt when it rains, at the sunsets, at the sun when it goes down behind the hills and perfectly redesigns the borders, at times harshly others softly.

By Cristina Crisci

One doesn’t get used to beauty, thankfully, and to me it seems new every time. The summer is when I see these things, which have been there before me and I realize that living here surrounded by this marvelousness is a privilege to relish, as an undeserved grace received.

Thee idea that people come from far away to visit this land, that they feel the enchantment and they benefit from it makes me happy, in the deepest sense of sharing. On this very colorful and animated cover (realized by Benedetta Baviera, alias Bedirs Malibu) we celebrate the summer, the Festivals, Umbria, the Tuscan Tiber River Valley, together with the people who have come from various parts to see a show, to spend a holiday, to buy a house where they can return with their kids. The actress, Gwyneth Paltrow who goes up and down the Tiber Valley, from Citerna to Lisciano Niccone and passing through Città di Castello, before leaving, posts on social networks her last Umbrian sunset, with its beautiful colors. Continuing in the theme of cinema, Colin Firth, the supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski in Todi; then Morgan who sings Tenco, Raphael Gualazzi and Francesco Motta who invaded Sansepolcro with musical notes.

In the background the stories which, in our way, we tell from time to time and that speak about people who succeed, in small or large endeavors, more in general to spread that positive energy that we all need and should never take for granted: from sports to school, from an idea that comes out as a winner to a difficult project that is completed, from passion to work. Interesting surprises as well in the nearby Tuscan region where the summer festivals tell something live and vital: We.Story, Kilowatt and their artists. What talent!

In the new space (The Mag Repost), the photo that we placed also speaks Tuscan, where we have hosted the shot by Andrea Mambrini taken at dawn with the sun rising right over the straight road into Anghiari (la dritta) and clothes it with a unique light.

And it’s fine like that!

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