How things change – Cristina Crisci editorial

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From time to time it is not that things become easier. In the continuous fluctuation of events, of which often I make reference to when I write these short editorials, I mean precisely referring to the mother of all the certainties: things change.

The editorial by Cristina Crisci 

They change in continuation and there is no possibility at all to stop them. Not even to the most audacious and fearless is it conceded to dominate any situation infinitely. Therefore, we can do only one thing: adapt ourselves to the changes and gather the right meaning from them, if there is one; and if there isn’t one we must invent one. Adapting oneself to changes can be easy and even exciting; other times di cult, because time goes so quickly and some things would need more space to expand until they reach completion (or maybe it is just that we are too slow for the time that rushes by undeterred).

About how things can change is spoken of in these pages, through the stories, many of people who rule their time following their passions, blazing new paths, until becoming something else. Like an actor who tread every day on a different stage and from there traces his parabola, “necessary as much as air”, says Elio Germano, portrayed in the backdrop of Anghiari on the cover of this number of e Mag, June July 2017.

To tell us how life can change is also Brunello Cucinelli, who needs no presentation, one who from the bottom has climbed the Mount Olympus of entrepreneurs highly praised for his way of living these times with particularly illuminated ethics; but also Alessia Uccellini who passes along history (two centuries long) of the family restaurant, dividing herself between the stove and four children. There are also those who, like Nero Cavargini, with strokes of a pencil designs time, while Caterina Minni with her Ink wins the most difficult battle. The places change, but our small service Around the World remains – second episode – dedicated to the Italians who from the Upper Tiber River Valley live abroad. We go as far as Nigeria.

(An)Other tour, (an)other race, we are going slowly because if I close my eyes it is already summer.

Happy reading.

Ps: Thanks to the guys who respond punctually, thanks to all the people who allow themselves to share with kindness and willingness, thanks to those who help us with this work in various ways, to make each time a new magazine and always thanks to the ones who are there.

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