Through Children’s Eyes – Citerna Fotografia

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Anna Cuzzolin:

Through Children’s Eyes – Citerna Fotografia

See reality through a child’s eyes. Find the daily, essential simplicity with honesty and imagination. How? Through the art of photography shot by the young artists in the Pistrino- Citerna Elementary Primary School “B.Bartoccini”. The photographs have been selected by photographer Anna Cuzzolin, and exhibited at “Citerna Photography” (until the 9th of June) in the area called CiternaLAB.

“A child is able to listen to the inner self, to the desires, the fantasies, the emotions which originate in the belly. In a way a child’s identity is stronger than that of many adults. Photography allows the expression of the self, and when we look at a kid’s picture we go back in time to our own childhood, breath in a lighter air and realize that even our hard reality is deeply fitted inside a fantastic world”.

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