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by Andrea Tafini

Every season has its iconic TV series and this summer will be no exception. True Detective returns for its second season on 21st June, (HBO in the US, Sky Atlantic in Italy) – the series that, last year, raised the bar on this genre.

Only the private detective theme will remain to link this series with the last; everything else has been changed by creator NIC PIZZOLATTO. The new cast sees Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn replacing Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in the role of the good cop and his rival, and the story moves from the Louisiana swamps to the suburbs of California. No other information is forthcoming; the aim obviously being to increase the anticipation – as if that were needed. Warning: if you’re feeling sentimental about Marty and Rust, you won’t be the only ones.

Forget The Big Bang Theory. A change is as good as a rest, so splurge on an even nerdier sit-com like Silicon Valley, whose second season starts on 15th June on Sky Atlantic. You’ll be hooked if you start following the adventures of this group of brilliant but sociopathic computer scientists, struggling with the invention of a revolutionary, multi-billion dollar app. Think ironic treatment of manic digital culture, rapid-fire gags and brilliant actors.

The first season of the TV series Outlander was one of the big surprises this spring. It arrived in Italy in March (on Fox), and ends on June 29th after 16 episodes. The reason for its success is easily summarized: a trip back in time to the bellicose Scotland of 1700, a torturous love story and rather appealing characters.

Something to look forward to will be The Last Man on Earth, (on Fox). It’s the story of a man who remains the only survivor on earth after a global pandemic, and who enjoys his blissful solitude in Tucson, Arizona. In America the TV series has been highly rated thanks to the originality of the writing and its surreal comedy.

A few weeks ago in the USA, the seventh and final season of Mad Men came to its conclusion. In a few months the last episode will be screened in Italy, after which no doubt many will have the urge to go to a bar and raise an ‘Old-fashioned’ to dear old Don Draper.

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