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Burridocumenta is a new word that adds a multimedia piece to the already wide and unique museum of the master’s art in Città di Castello: an entire wing with hundreds and hundreds of images, information, photographs and interesting facts, on touch screens and interactive media.

This is the third cover we dedicate to Burri in three years, in the wake of a very long centennial which now opens a virtual dimension, allowing visitors, but also students, to truly immerse themselves in the art, the poetry and the history of this artist. It would take you six days to be able to see and read, one by one, all the information held in this area which is displayed in the rooms of the ex-tobacco drying factory, in the underground area.

Oh, how we love the underground!
It’s not by chance that in this number we propose a mini tour of Città di Castello’s underground: the tunnel under the Incontro square, beautiful and evocative where we staged the first part of the article titled ‘Underground’ and dedicated to the city that is under our feet. Imbedded areas, hiding places, water that emerges, graffiti that tell of a very distant past, little secret caves, niches, traces of something that has always existed, but that doesn’t reveal itself. We have taken photographs of it, in a interesting article, realized again thanks to the precious and intuitive collaboration with the Libera Associazione Architetti.

Returning to reality, with our feet on the ground, we still play with words. For example there’s a word in Iceland, which indicates a completely childish activity (dear me!) of jumping in puddles: they say Hoppippolla. For those that love this style, it is also a song by Sigur Ros, imported though by a group of creatives who have so called a brand which promotes and sells independent culture. An international working project (to read and appreciate in the inspiration that moved it). In which an Umbrian is also involved: it is he who tells us about this experience.
Speaking about Umbrians and new words: Diventiumbria is the title of an expo which designs a mood made of strength and good energy. These are the images of young people born in 1997, the year of the earthquake. Today the twenty-somethings are the sons of the reconstruction, raised through a quake and an evacuation practice, but they are above all human testimony of that modernism which breathes and deserves, all of Umbria.
Enjoy reading and springtime!

(a special thanks to Paolo Capacci for having opened the doors to his home and guiding us through a morning surprise visit through the tunnels: to all those who have given in this number, possibly even unbeknownst to them, good inspiration for sharing)

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