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So straight to the city that it all kicked off in. Home of Anna Wintour and dwelling place of most of the major Models.


Out of nowhere came Tommy Hilfiger. A brand that has arguably lost a lot of its swagger as the years have gone by but – wow, what a way to make a comeback. If you can call it that. Tommy laid out a runway with such a productive and seductive flair it could well have been plucked from the Victoria Secret Show archives. A bang of brilliant colour and a collection that matched. Back in the game, the girls were dressed from head to toe in beautiful cowgirl city chic – a trend that has simply filled the catwalks and streets over the last month. Boots to die for, fun and fluorescent furs and a general wild child vibe. I loved it – good to have you back on our radars Mr. Hilfiger!!


Nothing… come now, it’s New York!



With the imminent threat of a Great British divide as Scotland were set to vote for their independence – patriotism was rife in London but fashion week flew in and out with all the chaos of politics and more.


The fact that Cara Delevingne didn’t even walk in the Burberry show. She’s been the face of Burberry since her infancy as a model. She’s led the runway of just about every show going and been the poster girl of more or less every campaign. But oh no – Cara sat this one out… But wait, who was her prized pattern in crime?! Yes – none other then the queen of them all – Kate Moss. The two British legends joked and laughed together and even held hands as the parade of beautiful Burberry clothes strode passed in front of them. Did anyone actually see the show? Nope – we were all transfixed on our leading ladies.


Sergio Shoe Hunter. If you don’t know about this dog – don’t even bother looking it up. In short this was a tiny hound that wandered around the streets of London with a camera attached to his back capturing the shoe show off of the fashion week world. All fun and games maybe – but this little four legged friend even had his own car. Taking it all a little too far I think



Oh you Italians – you really do know how to throw a party – and a when it comes to Fashion, you do throw the best of them.


STREET STYLE!! Oh wow – Italians really do do it better. Instead of the outrageous and flamboyant daredevils you so often see on the London streets during Fashion Week, the italian’s simply combine uber cool with super chic and sensational style! How do you do it?!


Oh dear, oh dear Jeremy Scott. What was going on on the Moschino runway?! Girls dressed as Barbies to the decidedly awful soundtrack of Barbie Girl. Dare I say – it was ridiculous and not in the funny sense of the word. The 90s was cool – but this was pure 90s runway roadkill.



In all its glory Paris will forever be the home of Fashion.


The obvious choice would have to be Chanel who unsurprisingly put on a show that blew all our minds. If you didn’t see any of the show I would strongly recommend sifting through the pages of google to take a peak. I, however, am going to go with a collection that I simply loved. A designer who I knew very little about before, but who’s way with working great looks simply stole the shows for me. I give you Anthony Vaccarello. Teaming stunning leather with gym style sweaters and killer heels – the looks he turned out could be worn by anyone of us one way or another. City slick, day chic and even looks that would take us ladies elegantly and effortlessly into the dark hours of the night. Dear Father Christmas – please can I have the LOT!


The endless stream of PR girls suddenly hitting up the social media minefield of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook telling the World how completely ‘exhausted’ they were by the month. Please Ladies – some people would kill to be running round the backstage’s of the big players – Get a grip. Quite frankly – most of us loved it. Thank you Fashion Week!

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