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by Kimberleigh Russell Welply



1 – Borrow it from the boys

Borrow it from the boys. A trend that I have loved forever and one that is, finally, now beginning to get some real recognition this winter. Let’s face it – our boyfriend’s clothes always look better on us then they do on him anyway. Think oversized crisp white shirts, super soft menswear sweaters, huge t.shirts, his old levi jeans and his leather jacket. If your man is wearing it – you should be borrowing it!



2 – Palm cuffs

These things are my new favourite accessory, almost half way between a bangle and a ring – well at least that’s where you’ll find them. Golds, silvers, jeweled and beautifully designed. They are something a little unusual to add to your hands and now is definitely the time to be snapping them up before they’re all gone. Check out H&M and ASOS for their pieces.



3 – The return of the trucker cap

Some 7 years ago I remember this mad craze sweeping through University, every other person was wearing one, some were so attached to them they probably slept in them. Inevitably, as trends do, it fizzled out and inevitably the time is ripe for their return. Guys and girls – it’s time to say goodbye to the flat caps and a huge hello again to the truckers.



4 – Chokers

Oh I did love the 90s. It was the time when I really began to find my fashion feet, sewing clothes together, cutting up t.shirts and sporting the strangest accessories.
We all love pulling out are old jewelry boxes so dig out yours – it’s time to wrap a choker back around your neck.




1 – Ibiza

Find a new island already. Ibiza, in all its beauty, I fear has seen its best days. A friend recently called me from the airport when she was on her way to Ibiza and said – “wow, the airplane is already full of drunk people covered in fake tan.” It begs the question has the island simply become a haven for the wasted youth? If you are going, head for the north of the island and seek out the quiet spots and the blissful beaches.



2 – Beards

In all honesty – I don’t know about Italy but I’m sure it’s spreading. The beard has become the new male hipster trademark. As edgy as it was perhaps 6 months ago, now it’s become way too mainstream.

Shave already.



3 – Put your beautiful butt away

Denim shorts that are just too short just aren’t cool. No one wants to see more cheek then short – leave a little bit to the imagination ladies



4 – Boston Terrier

I love this breed of dog, I really do. But it truly worries me when a dog becomes a fashion accessory, or worse, a trend. On the social media fashion minefield you’ll see them everywhere at the moment but folks – heads up, a dog is for life not just for fashion.  Think about it.

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