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With the concert-show «Polvere» Vinicio Capossela tells stories of the earth and says: Putting together scenes from a musical disc helps you to personally understand your own ideas.

written by Andrea Luccioli – main photo by Luca Zizioli

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the great folk theatre, made of the music, visions and legends of Vinicio Capossela. Yes, because «Polvere», the show brought to the Giardini del Frontone in Perugia is exactly this: a stage where imaginary things become powerfully real, where the singer-songwriter has decided make a performance of his roots, his land, traditions, legends and music destined to be dispersed like dust, giving a lasting impression. The Perugian stop of the tour was, once again, proof of the strong bond between Capossela and Umbria in the name of Sergio Piazzoli, to keep the thought of his great promoter alive, who was among the first to believe in Capossela. The singer-songwriter spoke on the microphones of Radio Onda Libera about his «Polvere» and about the show he is bringing in all of Italy, trying to explain why, for several months, he has decided to become «the beast of the grain».

«I like giving body to my works. For this reason I am going to do shows and concerts only when there is a project for which I have worked. This is because I believe that a stage production of a work is a little like getting to know in person that which you have realized, your own vision. The ‘Canzoni della Cupa’, a work that goes directly back to the culture of the earth, to spectres, to the legends and the roots of men. A very evocative world».

And what happens in this world?

«First of all, it is a world which must be brought to the stage through a congruent setting. Basically since the 5th of May I have identified with the beast of the grain, the harvester and the other characters of the Canzoni della Cupa. Characters who have a strong relationship with the earth».

Which earth are you speaking of? Yours?

«Not only mine. The world of the earth, its mythical way, is similar everywhere and is represented through the so-called folk genre. Whether you are from the North in Mexico or in any other part of the planet, you will always find a common spirit, an underground vein to which everyone has his own access key. Folk is the lock in the keyhole of our underground. My keyhole has been the ground of the Upper Irpinia area, there where my family’s roots are. It is a vein that is closely connected to my parents, but at the same time it is connected with all the world».

The “Canzoni della Cupa” are divided into two parts.

«Yes, the work is made of two different titles: Dust and Shadows. These last ones, in particular, I have enclosed in this way because they have a spirit which is closer to shadow and the legends of the supernatural. Dust, instead, refers to the struggle of the earth, of an earth that is sun-drenched. But also to that sense of frontier that often evokes dust».

An imaginary that you then decided to recreate live during your show

«The concert is set in a kind of clump of dirt with about ten musicians. Among them there are two mariachi, some drums from Basilicata, two guitarists, a woman who sings and a musician with some medieval instruments. It is all very evocative. The concert opens with the “Bestia nel grano” (beast in the grain), which is me, who enters the scene. It is a very strong and intense exhibition, also visually, like giving physicality to the songs. It is followed by “Femmine”, a piece about the work of harvesting the tobacco and much more until the final wedding, a kind of wedding with funeral, where all fall to the ground».

And then what happens?

«At the end of it all, in this great wedding, it is time for the party. And here the characters enter the scene, those who were not invited, those who are more cumbersome and rowdy and without whom there would be no party. They are my old acquaintances, like the maraja, San Vito, the king of the cantine and so on. A great final dance».

Projects for after the summer?

«After the summer, we will work on Shadows (the winter version of the project which will follow in winter)».

Vinicio Capossela_foto di Valerio Spada_m (2)
photo by Valerio Spada


Vinicio Capossela_foto di Valerio Spada_m
photo by Valerio Spada

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